Bold Mama Elle is a "Spiritual Revolutionary" who specializes in assisting others rise above the realm of Inner Fear.

Her transcendence "resume" includes: defying death twice, crushing chronic depression, dominating alcoholism, conquering obesity, and rebuilding her entire life after a horrific homeless life on the streets...just to name a few.
In many ways, she has lived more than five lifetimes in this life. And she maintains that she is just getting started!
As she continues to anchor the energetics of superhuman qualities onto the earth plane, she leads the way with her SOVEREIGN SUPERSTAR Cosmic Plan for Living.  
It is a step by step activated model for the upgraded human. It removes the blind spots that keep you existing as "auto-pilot socially-conditioned beings." 
Her work returns you to your unique fingerprint sovereignty. After engaging with Bold Mama Elle, students, clients, and audiences finally discover what it's like to walk the earth untethered from their inner resistance. They show up each day pursuing and expressing greatness from their bold birthright divinity. They feel unstoppable and their actions are more aligned and fulfilling.
This new version of Spirituality hits straight to the core. It is free of the new age mumble-jumble jargon and the uselessness that has politely paralyzed the spiritual community. 
You will often hear her say (and prove) "If it's not f*cking practical, it's not spiritual. End of story."  
When you learn from Bold Mama Elle you experience mind-blowing personal evolution on a daily basis. The goal is to joyfully keep shedding your former limited self, which is much more valuable than just being more peaceful in your life as you remain the same.

Bold Mama Elle is a forcefield of possibility and her mission is to use that 'field' to uplift humans throughout the world...for real.