"For nearly two decades, I've taught on stages, on-air, in classrooms and private sessions. I've impacted thousands of people one moment, one step, one breath at a time. My goal

Bold Mama Elle

Bold Mama Elle is a dynamic spiritual guide, sounds artist and performer who ignites deep possibility and courage in her clients and audiences. She specializes in helping others overcome personal fears, and has impacted thousands of women and men on-air and on stage. Her "other-worldly" wisdom is both radical and inspiring.

Her work is deeply rooted in her belief that “NOW could be the now.” All her creations, are carefully crafted to expedite your learning curve around spiritual growth and maximizing your potential. She fearlessly demonstrates how to unlock the boldest level of your being.  

As the sole songwriter, director, choreographer, and vocalist for her one-woman show "NAUGHTY" (which is equal parts empowerment and entertainment) she tells riveting stories with her body and songs. She personifies what’s possible when we allow ourselves to truly be free!


In her individual sessions and workshops, she has successfully assisted people with co-dependency, anxiety, creativity blocks and many other internal "offenses" that ruin a sense of freedom and fulfillment in life.

The testimonial page on this site features many of the ways she has shown people how to find and live fr.

She believes courage brings magic into our lives and, as a spiritual teacher, she demonstrates this often.


One of her most harrowing journeys was riding from the bottom to the top of the Himalayan mountains...on a motorcycle! She was the only female out of 8 riders and learned how to ride just 3 weeks before they made their ascend. That journey inspired the creation of her Bold Moves Program. It's for people who are ready to climb the mountains within themselves and face the fears that block them from their highest life.


Bold Mama Elle firmly believes that the expansion of the entire planet is rooted in each individual's willingness to step boldly into the wisdom and power of their hearts.