Bold Mama Elle (aka the BOLDEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD) is a dynamic Visionary and Leader who specializes in the realm of possibility. She personifies living at an elevated level without fear. 

Thousands of people have been transformed by her work on stage, on tv, and in print.


Her bold workshops, retreats, art, and individual sessions are crafted to help you achieve your goals and live courageously. Her mantra is “NOW Could be the Now.” 

She’s a world traveler who has faced lions in South Africa and skydived at 15,000 feet. She has also scaled the Himalayan Mountains by motorcycle, where she is featured in the new Docu-series "The Road to Dharma," available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. 


Her bold methods can be used in the workplace, at home, in relationships, or for creative pursuits. 

She has accessed many heights in her life, but there was also a 5 year period where she wanted to die and couldn’t.

In her darkest days, she was a homeless addict, living on the streets in California without a dime to her name. So she personally understands what it takes to reinvent your life. 


On May 29th, 2000, during an overdose in an abandoned van, her deathwish almost became a reality. “But, when your soul knows you belong here,” she says, “it won’t let you go.”  At that moment that she raised her perspective on what it means to be alive and she has been soaring high ever since.

Bold Mama Elle has gone from living on the streets to sharing her bold life strategies on television with over 50 appearances. In 2019, she created and produced her own one-woman show "Naughty."


She has spoken on stages around the world and has been featured in publications such as Women’s Health and the Wall Street Journal.

“I’ve dedicated my career to showing others how to ascend the 'inner mountains' within themselves so they can live bold authentic lives."