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"I’ve dedicated my career to teaching people how to climb the mountains within themselves, and conquering the fears that block their highest life. I created Bold Moves to help you shift from survival to sovereignty.  In each class we will explore the frequency of boldness. You will be provided with tools that can help you to reclaim and expand your birthright power. Together we will move beyond what stops your personal freedom. I know this is the time in our history where millions will choose to stand up for their dreams. They will stand proudly and live in their power. My hands, my heart, and my work has always pointed in the direction of bold possibility and magical living.

Let's upgrade your life.....this is your time."

Meet Bold Mama Elle


Spiritual teacher, bold moves INNOVATOR, artist and motivational speaker

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This method is for those who are ready to master the fear of being alone, the fear of rejection, and  the fear of being seen.

  • It's for people who are ready to transcend fearful thinking.

  • It’s for people who are ready for creative, financial, and personal freedom.

  • It’s for people who are ready to speak up, show up and experience the magical timeline of joy on a daily basis! 




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The Bold Moves Method will teach you how to live a fearless magical life by reshaping your relationship with the NOW.  Bold Mama Elle devised it after her death-defying journey in the Himalayan Mountains, going from the bottom to the top...on a motorcycle! She is a Master Teacher on overcoming fear, reinventing yourself, and uncovering the magic of the present moment.



How to break away from thoughts, behaviors & conditioning that hold you back


How to design and create who you are


How to transcend fear that arises in your life on a daily basis

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Bold Mama Elle's teachings have absolutely helped me find tools to create the life I desire! Through BOLD MOVES, I have been able to change the way I do business, enhance my relationships, get clear, focus on my dreams and goals, and discover my own power.

Bold Moves changed my life! 

-Kara F

Bold Mama Elle is a dynamic Spiritual Teacher and Artist with over 50 TV appearances. Her work is rooted in her “NOW Could be the Now” philosophy. She has also been featured in several publications such as Women's Health Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.  As a believer in possibility against all odds she has spoken to thousands on air, on stage, in print and in one-on-one sessions on the subject of boldness and fear. 

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