Sound Art


-Red Rock News


People listen to Bold Mama Elle’s  music for a completely different reason than they listened to other music. The people that listen to her music are completely different than other people. They’re interested in taking control of their vibration and their frequency on a daily basis. They no longer believe in staying stuck. They are ready to face their fears. They understand that there is real “touchable” power inside each and every note, every lyric and every beat. So, they immersed themselves in this music, everyday, and their entire life rises. 


this music is ALIVE.



“BOLD MAMA ELLE'S musical event was a very heartfelt and freeing experience. It awakened my deepest desires to be confident, courageous and to live in my truth.” 

F. White

“Something about her voice and passionate performance feels like it tunes up my soul. I never want the songs to end!” 

P. Howard

“BOLD MAMA Elle‘s BEAM performance was truly brilliant and alchemistic! Her singing connects you to the greatness of who you are. During her performance I felt elated and inspired to express my uniqueness.  She shares her powerful work through mesmerizing lyrics and beats. Her a-cappella ‘GREATNESS’ brought tears to my eyes and her ‘POWER’ song had me on my feet dancing and singing. BOLD MAMA Elle's music transports me into my heart. Listening to her music has added a whole new depth to my being's like a new realm has been opened up inside of me ....a place I feel truly content to be with me.  Her music is so empowering, activating and encoded with heart magic.  Her shows are so empowering. They inspire you to shine like a star. Yes it's that powerful!” 

R. Elaine