10 Things I No Longer Care About (& Why You Shouldn't Either)

It came in an email.

It was written with a very "spiritually correct" tone, yet it reeked with "one size fits all."

Call me crazy but I notice things like that.

I can sense fake a hundred miles away:)

But back to the email.

The "it" that came in the email was a rejection of my one of my pitches.

However, they didn't really call it a rejection. I guess that would have been impolite.

They even ended it with a "wish you all the best warmly" courtesy.

So, am I writing about rejection today? Is it one of the ten things I no longer care about?


I'm sure no one reading this message has evolved beyond the sting of rejection. 

And the truth is rejection sometimes stings for...Miss Bold Moves:)

Soooooooo, what's the point of mentioning the email then Elle?

Well, the point is there's a big difference between being stung by something and caring about it.

To care means: to feel concern or interest and attach importance to something.

One of the main reasons why I've overcome tremendous odds (and created some pretty badass experiences) in my life is because I taught myself to shift what I give importance to.

And that is what I want to share with you.

If you take a look at the people to your left and the people to your right (on or offline) you'll see that as a society we're spending waaaaaayyyyyyy to much energy caring about:

Making Mistakes

Not Knowing the Right Answer

Being Single

Making Small Talk

People Pleasing

Trying to Look Successful

Pretending to Be in a Great Relationship

Crying in Public

Crying in Private

Wanting to Look Like You're Better Than Other People

It took being vulnerable to stop giving these things importance, and I can honestly say I could care less about everything on this list!

In many ways, this is a "jump starter" list to living an authentic life filled with incredible bold moves.  

When you give up giving importance to these things, you regain so much freakin' power you'll be beaming ear to ear as you decide how to handle your own rejection replies.

In other words, your feelings ladies and gentlemen are a direct result of what you give meaning too.

Change the meaning…change your life!