Betcha Didn't Know This About Lobsters

Ok, so here's what happened. I was looking through some footage from 2013. Some of

it was TV appearances and some of it was my speaking engagement clips.

I had the mouse in my hand, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, working, working, working,when, I see a clip of me entitled..."The Amazing Lobster Story." I stop scrolling. I press play.

(Kinda trippy when I watch old footage, because it's like I'm on the screen talking to

me... while I'm talking tothem-the audience).

But anyway, back to the lobster, and why I truly believe this story will be super cool and super valuable for you and your whole life. You see, lobsters are super soft and super squishy, surrounded by a super hard shell. So how in the world are they suppose to know, get bigger? Here's how: They go through a process called Ecdysis.

Now, I could go into all the details of the video of me explaining this process, but

the bottom line is much more important.

Basically, what happens is there finally comes a point when the lobster's "comfort

zone" inside the shell starts to get soooooooooo uncomfortable that it has to

powerfully shed that shell and create a new one. BUT... unlike the catapillar who turns into a butterfly, lobsters have to do this over and over and over again. Shell after shell after shell.

They have to feel...boldly.

They have to change...boldly.