If I write what I really want to write it might come across as bragging.

But the truth is name-dropping is beyond boring to me.

Something else that bores me, to the brink of yawn, is overhearing people with long elaborate excuses.

I want to turn around in line and say, "Listen, you are a limitless being, you can change. But you'll never do it by focusing on your limits."

And then there's the boring weather chit-chat.

Ever been pulled into that?

"Is it gonna rain again today?" 

"Looks like we're gonna get more rain." 

"Wonder how long this rain is gonna last?"

What I'm wondering is how long boring chit-chat will be the go-to activity between us human beings.

I mean, no one really likes it.

And everybody knows that.

But if you say you don't like it out loud people think you're rude.

Trust me. I've done it. I know.

I also know that our cultural obsession with people, places, and things outside of ourselves is creating a bigger broader pit of boredom within us.

It's like one big collective blob of "blah."

A maze of "meh" that leads to run-of-the-mill-chit-chat and incessant streaming TV.

I call it "binge-living" and it leads to nowhere.

Trust me. I've done it. I know.

And I also know that there is a way to get out of it.

But first, I want to make it clear that boredom can either be like a fly,

or it can be like the flu. 

One is an outer irritation that you swat away (like the kind above) and the other shows upinside of you.

Similar to the flu, "inside boredom" has some symptoms.

-Things start feeling dull.

-You start scrolling through your phone.

-Nothing really tastes good.

-You can't figure out what to wear or where to go or who to call. 

Then, before you know it, you start taking for granted all the things and opportunities other people, on the other side of this planet, are praying for.

But why Elle?

Why do we do that?

Because you lose track of what really makes you YOU.

-You buy all the stuff that everyone else has.

-You go to all the places that everyone else goes.

-You accumulate a life that "looks" interesting, but in reality, it doesn't reflect your real self at all.

And that, my friend, bores the crap out of you.

Trust me. I've done it. I know.

So what's the remedy Elle?

What's the punchline of all this?

The remedy is Self-Awareness.

Boldly discovering what it deep down means to be Y-O-U.

Until you start investing in it

(like you'd invest in fancy organic juice or vitamin C to prevent the flu)

you'll always have the threat of "blah blah boredom" hovering over you.

Trust me. I've done it. I know:)