Ever Wondered..."Why You Are Here?"

Why are you here?

Many women go year after year swirling in the sameness of each day, never hearing that question.

There is a reason inside of you and this exercise can help you discover your answer.

Take a moment and think about the amount of time that you have been on this planet. Then,

Imagine or picture something you've wanted to achieve, but never found the time. Take a deep breath

Now ask yourself, "What have I made more important than me?"

Go a little deeper and ask:

"What have I done with the majority of my precious time?"

Picture what your life would be like if you did more than live and pay your bills.

What if you made what you just pictured for yourself come first?

What if you find, just as I did, that having a purpose is unbelievably worth living and sometimes worth fighting for.

What if you pictured a healthier body and so the next time you seek comfort food you stop and ask:

"Who's stronger....me or this food?"

What if the next time you shared your time (or your body) with someone who belittles you asked yourself:

"Who is stronger... me or my fear of being alone?" What if...

Chances are you probably have a number of goals that you wish to achieve, but there's just recurring one behavior that keeps taking you off course.

No matter what that behavior is you are the boss of it.

You are in charge.  You have a limitless power inside of you to make any obstacle dissolve into your past.

But you'll never find it if you play small.

You have to play full out in life.

The choice is always...YOURS.