The Long and Short of It

If you don't believe me, grab a timer.

Most things people avoid take around 10 minutes, or less.

Things like:


Doing the dishes

Doing 20 push ups

Doing 20 sit-ups 

Doing 20 push-ups tomorrow

Doing 20 sit-ups the next day

Drinking more water

Cleaning out your car

Cleaning out your purse

Planning your day (the night before)

Finding three things for which you're grateful (every morning)

Writing those three things down

Drinking water (again)

Making your bed

Going for a walk

Pausing Netflix to meditate

Pausing Hulu to meditate

Pausing Youtube to meditate

Putting your phone down to meditate

Reading this blog:)


We may never agree if it's long or short.  And for this, we don't have to. Because no matter how you slice time...ten minutes is ten minutes. And that's more than enough room to make some bite-size bold moves!