I Gotta Be Honest With You

Drink your tea first,” she (my higher self) said.

I did.

It helped.

You see, sometimes on Sundays when I write, I’m torn between giving examples and giving advice.

My life is full of examples. But, the days of being super focused on talking about myself are way, way, way behind me.

I used to be my favorite subject. But, not anymore.

I have better favorites to be in favor of these days.

For example, one of my favs came to yoga class this morning. She’s been away for a while and said that part of what she did while she was gone was get her Hatha Yoga certification.  

She said I inspired her to do so. I had no idea.

Yep, favorite moment indeed.

Another favorite example is a teen. She's on her way to rock her “newfound boldness” as a first-year college student.  

Can you imagine owning your power before the age of 18! 

Definitely another favorite.

And then there’s the written testimonial that I received this week (it’s on my website now). 

Man oh man, that one brought me to tears.

The truth is, I wouldn’t be able to teach Bold Moves it if I hadn’t been able to live it.

Some of those years I did it with glitz and glam.

And some years I did it on an empty stomach with nothing but a wing and a prayer. 

It’s birthday time for me in a few days. And sure, I could gather around a table and name drop (or country drop). You know, shoot the breeze about all the incredible things I’ve done, had and seen.  

But there is nothing…I repeat…NOTHING better than opening your heart and impacting another human being.

This is the birthday that I would die for.

I have your email. You trusted me to read this.  

Who could ask for a better gift?