I QUIT--and

A soft sweet message slid in with a clear and firm foundation.

Without a doubt, I knew it was time to stop.

One of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself is to develop a fine-tuned understanding of the difference between an inner message and an inner fear.

You see, the inner message has depth and richness. It's crisp, concise and minimal. 

The inner fear masks itself as wisdom. 

It's clever and cloaks itself with a laundry list of good reasons to do what it says.

That list helps people defend their small neat comfort zones.

But the soft messages prod us toward growth and expansion.

The most majestic moments in my life come from following gentle nudges.

Such as:

"Raise your hand."

"Ask for help."

"Get on the plane."

"Say Yes."

"Go first."

"Stay focused."

In my groups, I teach that these two are the first voice and the second voice.

The first voice knows that lovely things await us. It longs to move us beyond the self-made picket fence of conditioned comfort. 

The second voice, however, records the beliefs of neighbors, friends, co-workers, family etc. and then regurgitates them back to you as original thoughts that aren't original at all.

The second voice says:

"Go last."

"Do it tomorrow."

"Watch what you say."

"Wait and see."

"Stay a little longer."

"That's too much work."

"Nobody's perfect."

"Don't stand out."

That list goes on and on because people who are loyal to their second voice always have really really good reasons for why they should follow it.

So, I quit.

I quit listening to my own second voice a long time ago. I saw through the scam of fear-based comfort. And that's part of why I can see it so clearly in others.

I grew tired of setting myself up for small picket fence living and I moved my life out onto the first voice edge.

It's a bold edge but fortune favors the bold. And there's definitely room for more.

Are you ready?