It's Soooo Juicy

There’s something calling.

And it's calling you.

Get closer.


Right there.


That’s it.

Right there under the resistance.

Which resistance Elle?

The juiciest, yummiest, most delicious resistance of all.

You know, that situation or that habit. 

The one that always lures you in.  

It feels necessary.  

It feels productive.

It might even make you feel secure.


It also blocks your greatest possibilities.

How Elle?

By slowly but surely slurping up more and more of your precious time.

You see, the sound of true fulfillment is more subtle than the high-jackers of your freedom.

For example,

You vaguely hear studying would be better for you than another night of binge streaming.

You vaguely hear Facebook makes you feel bad, but you just keep on scrolling.

You vaguely hear you should speak your truth, but instead you master

your 'poker face.'

Shhhhhh, you hear that?

That's the sound of your true self whispering through this message… 

“C’mon, be can do it!”