My Politeness Problem

Okay here we go.

I have a theory. And this theory is either going to make perfect sense to you or totally piss you off before you reach the end.

It's not my opinion. 

It is an offering. 

And because it's based on facts, I'm hoping you'll stick with me.

I'm hoping that instead of squeezing yourself into the container of social acceptability, you'll see why I have the perspective I have on being polite. 

Now, I'm almost positive you already know what the word politeness means. 

But, just so we are on the same page, here's the definition...

Politeness:  behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.

That sounds like something super good, right?


I'll prove it to you.  

Think about how many times you were polite this week.

Maybe you were at work.

Maybe you were at a social event.

Maybe you were in an Uber.

I bet you caught yourself nodding "yes" to things you really couldn't give a shit about.  

But, I bet the more polite you were, the more the people approved of you.

There's a ton of politeness these days, offline, online, and even in stale relationships.

Probably rude of me to say that. But... I'm just sayin.'

See, my theory is that all this extreme politeness has become kryptonite. It's made you weak. And that, my friend, is absolutely by design. 

A society that complies with random notions of when to speak and what to say and how long to bite your tongue, is a society that will never have the courage to express itself in truth.

Do yourself a favor and see if you can be respectful, considerate and REAL all at the same time.

My theory is you'll feel better. And that feeling my friend, will ripple out into the world.