Sooner Or Later?

Lovers are encouraged to do it.

Family members often wait years. 

According to statistics, 75% of Americans hope God will do it for them, so they can cross over into heaven.

I did it two days ago.

I forgave someone.

Perhaps you did too.

Or perhaps, you thought about doing it.

But, you haven't gotten around to it yet.

You haven't finished thinking about what they did to you. Perhaps you're still brewing.

Forgiveness is tricky.

When it's the polite thing to do, people do it quickly, like if a waiter spills wine on your brand new pants at a banquet.

"Oh gosh, I'm sooooo sorry," he says, patting you profusely with a stiff cotton napkin.

"It's okay. Really it's okay," you respond, "I know you didn't mean it."

Forgiveness is odd.

On one hand, it's a vast virtue capable of covering the multitudes, in God's case, but it's tough to practice one on one.

The problem is, people often confuse forgiveness with justice.

When is a mishap, a mistake, a mess up, truly a justifiable?

Where do you draw the line, when someone you love repeatedly breaks your heart, for instance?

And how many lines make up the map of your heart anyway?

Can forgiveness serve as a cushion for the line breaking behavior that would otherwise crumble human relationships?


Forgiveness is necessary.

It matters.

It's necessary and it matters like a thick blanket in the dead of winter.

Forgiveness is the quilt that holds all the squares of human potential in place.

Without it, we'd all scatter into a million grudgeful pieces.