The Higher Self, The Lower Self & YOU

Success isn't complicated.  What’s complicated is the battle between the lower self and the higher self.

The lower-self is a skeptic.

It questions everything.  It’s suspicious of the whole concept of success. It doesn't like new things.

A great way to tell if you are being guided by your lower self is to notice the resistance that comes up when a new idea is presented to you.

Does it feel like you are being asked to walk really really close to the edge of a cliff?

If it feels like an irrational alarm it's likely to be your lower self.

Friends and family have lower selves too.

Their lower selves vibe with your lower self. There's sort of “pinky promise," an unspoken vow that neither of you will stray too far. 

But wait. What about the higher self?

She/He lives within you too.  It would never force you to do anything. It would never force you to protect your comfort zone.

Your higher-self knows YOU are here to soar!