Two men were traveling in opposite directions, each with very different plans for their destination. One was headed for normal work, but the other had a more gruesome mission.

They didn't even know each other, but what happened clearly shows how people just like you can end up attracting problems into their life.

The man who resembled a shepherd asked the more grim fellow two questions: “Who are you? And where are you going?”

“I am Cholera and I am going to kill five thousand people in Egypt."

It was a shocking exchange, even for ancient days, but it got even stranger when the two men crossed paths again.

The shepherd noticed the killer immediately and shouted, “You said that you intended to kill five thousand people, but instead you killed fifty thousand!"

“No, No”, Cholera said, "Only five thousand people caught my deadly disease; the other 45 thousand simply died of their own fear.”

WOW, you're probably realizing the mighty power of fear and the way "mis-managing" our inner power can create unwanted outcomes.

Society has done a very good job of teaching us how to use our power against ourselves. 

This was an ancient story, but science shows that even today up to 90% of people's stress and worries are due to irrational fear and the agony it causes in their own minds.

Think about it.

How many things did you NOT do yesterday because of fear?

How many things did you say "yes" to last week... because you were too afraid to say no you didn't want to do it?

Perhaps there is a brighter more fulfilling life just on the other side of your fears. 

Your real fears, the ones you might just be ready to free yourself from today. One new "yes" at a time.