The Proud Box "Quiz"

There’s a chance you might not remember your own.

But, I’m sure you’ve seen a display of one that belonged to someone else.

A trusted magnet holds them steady for every visitor to see.

Perhaps it’s a green puppy with yellow ears.

Or sometimes it's the Easter Bunny with blue fur.

Either way, the picture on display signals a pivotal moment in time.

It’s the first image when you (or someone you know) learns how to color within the lines.

Finally, you’ve learned how to use your cute little fingers “right.”

And you also learn right away that staying within parameters makes people proud.

Let me say that again.

You've learned that parameters make people proud.

Other people.

Now, don’t get me wrong. 

Lines are good and work really really well when you are on the freeway, for example.

They also work really well when you’re filling out your taxes. 

Yes, we need some lines.

But, what about the self-imposed lines that keep your potential from seeping out?

Who’s fridge do we get to hang our “never got around to” images?Who do we make proud when we stop ourselves from leaping into something new?Who's benefiting from those lines in this moment?What would happen if you erased the edges of expectation a little and expanded what it means to be you?

I’m rooting for you this week…try something new and see:)