The REAL Reason People Take You for Granted

He had no idea I had it in me. 

It was an "out of the blue" all of a sudden kind of thing. 

Totally unexpected and total enchantment until, one by one, things became...expected.

Ever felt like people just know you'll help if they ask?

Ever felt like (some) people seem to plan in advance for your forgiveness... because you're the forgiving spiritual kind of person?

Well it was kinda like that.

Until it wasn't (anymore). Surprise surprise.

He had no idea I had it in me.

Now, as a teacher, I can be really really patient with people. I'm patient and I'm always paying attention. 

In our personal lives, sometimes people mistake patience for being an air-head. And that's when being taken for granted oozes in.


As I said...

I'm always paying attention.

And my "attention skills" are what led me to write about this today.

You see, it takes a certain kind of person to take other people for granted.  

And you know what? 

I'ma give you the profile so you'll be clear about why they do what they do.

And so you won't have to shock the heck out of them when you tell 'em the jig is up!

Like I said...he didn't know I had it in me:)

Okay. Here's the profile:

Take-you-for-granted-people are Ingrates.

What's an ingrate Elle?

An ingrate is someone who fails to engage in the act of sincere gratitude.

And here's the best part.

Or maybe I should say the worst part.

An ingrate not only takes you for granted they take everything for granted.

The sun.

The earth.

The moment.

They even take their own lives for granted. (But they don't realize that).

It's like they're always mentally, energetically, and literally on the move. 

Always expecting something.

Anything, to fill up the ever-expanding void within them.

And they have no problem taking advantage of every good deed along the way.

Some even act like they expect it.

Some even get bored by goodness.

Poor ingrates. What a small way to live.

Aren't you glad you're not taking this moment, this planet, good people and your life for granted?