This Is Your Right--Use It!

There's only one.

It's the only reliable way.

It's scary though. Not many people trust it. 

They're convinced that the right relationship, or the right job, or the right deal, or the right whatever will be just the right thing that they need.

So, they develop a skill that is super duper obsolete.

Here's a short quiz to see if you have it:

A) You set a big goal for yourself and then chip away at it with "realistic" thinking.

B) You decide to break a habit and then "cheat" on yourself with your own habit.

C) You look at your undesirable situations thru a lens called "it's not that bad."

D) You do things you don't like because that's what everyone else is doing...and hey...they

seem happy.

E) You pretend to be a duller version of yourself so others won't hate your shine.


If one or more of these fits passed with flying colors.

But, what's the skill Elle?

Good question.

The skill is settling.

Outwardly, modern lifestyles are far removed from settling.  

For example, do you settle and make all your calls on pay phones? Or do you have a cell phone?  

Do you settle for listening to a transistor radio? Or do you watch things on a screen?  

Do you settle for merely thinking about other countries? Or do you have a passport and the ability to get on a plane?

No, in 2019 we don't settle on the outside.

But, on the inside?

Well, that's a different story.

Settling, my friend, is a skill. And like all other skills, it gets better the more you do it.  

The only reliable way to prevent settling is to get better and better and better at being bold:)

Boldness is your birthright!