I know, I know it's a bit extreme.

It's not the usual bright teal, black and white photo you see each week in my newsletter. It's an image from an art exhibition that my "always-on-your-side-self," could not resist sharing today.

As soon as you saw it all sorts of things probably flashed thru your mind.

All the things you've been saying you're going to do.

All the things you've been telling other people you're already doing (and you haven't even really started yet)

All the things you want to start doing for your lover (but haven't gotten around to).

All the things you want to stop doing for those you undermine you (but you haven't gotten around to being true to y-o-u).

All the things you want to be for real...instead of hiding behind your social facade.

All the things you secretly admire about people who risk being their true selves.

All the things you want to get rid of, but instead you keep because you think other people admire your suffocating possessions.

All the things you really want to say to your "friends" but you don't want them to think, that you think, you're better than you stay small to fit in.

All the things you smile about with people you secretly dread and then say yes to their life-sucking social invitations.

All those stacks of books you keep buying but never read.

All those streaming shows you promise you're going to stop "binge-watching."

ALL the writing, creating, building, making, starting-up, tearing down, clearing out, opening up, being-bold-things that you know you hear inside have asked me to ask you this...

"How long is long enough to keep waiting?"