We Broke Up...& This is My Side of the Story

The whole thing was a secret.

No one knew what I was feeling, and being the tough cookie I'm known to be, I thought I could make it better with just a little more time.

Have you ever thought things would get better with just a little more time?

Ever been on a road trip and felt like you missed the exit, but you had gone so far you might as well keep going?

Yeah, it was kinda like that.

But, worse.

The whole environment was draining me.

Have you ever felt drained and no one around you could see the drip, drip, drip inside?

Yep, it was kinda like that.

But, worse.

It's usually at those moments you start to ask for "guidance." You know like

"inner guidance" or "Jesus Christ guidance" or "outer space guidance."

Just something.

Should I stay, or should I go?

Just any kind of sign, please.

 And then something says to you, "there was a sign silly...you missed it, way way way back there!"

No more denial. It was the truth.

And so I said, "That's it damn it, today is the day."

I went to my computer with that hell-has-no-fury-like-a-woman-scorned attitude and I deleted every single one of my social media accounts...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

ALL of them...GONE.

I did it months ago, and I'm ready to share.

Wanna know what happened?

Wanna know how I feel?

I feel as free as a puppy on a road trip flowing in the wind:)

If you've been feeling like deleting your accounts, but instead you tell yourself you'll just

"stay off for a while," that's what people do when they know they're in bad relationships too long.

(What you are feeling is a sign).