What YOUR Shirt Says About YOU:)

Maybe cotton.

Or, you might prefer wool.

Location can play a big part in favorites. 

I remember when my mom moved us to the suburbs. There was a bowling place on one side and an ice skating rink on the other. 

I met a best friend, who was 8 just like me. She lived next door. 

Her mom had lots and lots of sweaters. But, they weren't the school teacher kind of sweaters. 

No, her's were much fancier. They had feathers and rhinestones and dangling things on them. And we would play in them all the time.

Until my mother found out.

For the 10 days that I was on punishment, I kept mentally fussing at myself for getting me into trouble. There's no way my mother would have known if I didn't tell her.

She never even went over there.

Sometimes in life, however, you get lucky. You get another chance. 

And that's how I ended up back at my buddy's house...playing dress up again.

That time, I decided I'd be more clever. I decided to keep my actions a secret.

I played.

I pranced.

We posed.

We danced.

Then, it was time for dinner and I had to rush home. There was no way I was going to risk another punishment.

I walked in super cool. My mom was calm and even cooler.

"Did you play in her clothes today?

"Nope, we just played with her dolls."

"You sure?"

"Mmmmm hmmm," I said, nodding "yes"with my head.  

But, then I wondered why she asked me if I was sure.

Gripping one of my two ponytails, she practically levitated me into her room. She flung me around to have a full view in her full-length mirror.

I stood there mortified as she left.

My Bugs Bunny sweater was on inside out and the tag was in full display under my chin.

At that moment, I learned the terrifying importance of having integrity.

In other words, BE the kind of person who doesn't have to worry if someone will see your "tag."

Trust me, it's better that way:)