When Do We Learn to Lie?

It's truth time. It’s the time of year where I came into this world. Birthday time. The time where I reflect on how things are… and what kinds of things to keep on my path. Three years ago I gave away 90% of my material possessions and most of them were what you would call really really really nice things. But they were “heavy” things and if I had of acted like my soul wasn’t crying out for a life of “lightness,” I would have definitely been lying. Painfully lying about my personal truth. Many people “at that level” won’t admit that super expensive 5 inch stilettos can cripple your feet AND your soul…at least that’s what my soul was whispering to me. You didn’t hear it. But I did. By the way, what do you hear? Does your soul speak softly or does it blurt out to you in the middle of the night? Is there even enough space in your world, your house or your garage for you to hear it? You see, clutter can be really really similar to stilettos, and its super easy to pretend that our inner truth dwells in a neighborhood of less value. After all, we can’t see it and neither can “The Joneses.” Perhaps the Joneses taught us the craft of lying. Maybe they passed out candy to the kids who could be the most convincingly hide their true self. If we are honest, we one day discover that the true self doesn’t often get a vote. We learn to pack it away and drag it along to jobs we don’t like, and to places like dinner parties we’d rather not attend. We’ve all done it. Until…we don’t. I’m working on it. I hope you will to. #TrueSelf