YOU and I Both Know this NOW

We both know it.

We know it about life.

We feel it on great days.

We know the best way to go out,

is to go out with a bang.

But, you gotta be fearless to go out each day with a bang.

You gotta go where they say you can't (or shouldn't go).

You gotta go where your mind fears going...

to go out with a bang.

You gotta walk to the beat of your own drum,

to go out with a bang.

And you gotta keep growing become more of you.

You and I both know it.

We know the individual moments that I've said something

to encourage, to instigate, or to persuade you

to step further into your

unique beat.

Sometimes it's on the mat.

Sometimes it's in a session.

Sometimes it's on the phone, or face to face.

This time it's gonna be on a stage.

I've never had an album before.

I'm stepping into the unknown.

I'm taking the audacity I use with you

to face the music that's ready to come thru.

May 5th.

It's party time.

And we're gonna do it with a bang!

You ready?