You Have to TRY THIS:)

There's three magical hours where the sun shines, in just the right amount, out there.  Not too bright. Not too hot. Today, no clouds. The aged, but firm wooden fence is the perfect height to cover my toplessness. As a native mid-westerner, I adore these warm winter rays, and the absence of sub-zero weather. The hammock swings back and forth as the next door neighbor chats with his wife and the dogs howls toward Thunder Mountain.  They don't see me sun-bathing in my backyard.  And no one sees my watery eyes as I reflect on my first full year. One full year in what I lovingly call, "The Disneyland of Spirituality" (i.e. Sedona). Lots of Bold Moves groups, many many readings, and 304 yoga classes. The hammock swings some more, as I shift my grateful body. Flashes of these reflections ripple thru me. A tear drops, and I realize...If I had actually gotten my alcoholic death-wish, in my 20's, I would have deprived myself of this moment.  Fear of living life on my own terms would have won. I was so afraid and confused back then. Depressed, and all alone. Swinging on my hammock, my phone isn't near me. But, I can feel the year of texts, from students and travelers, with messages like "my mom and I are so happy we found your powerful class." And, "thank you for helping my best-friend be brave after her miscarriage." Despite the small grumblings from the local 'peanut gallery,' (that's what my grandma used to call grumpy people who like to gossip), it's obvious that boldness is important...and it matters. And this brings me to why I'm sending this message to you. No matter what you do, or how well you do it, not everyone is going to approve of you, or like you. And you know what?   DO YOU ANYWAY. DO you...fully. Make it your mission to continue uncovering what it means to be uniquely you. Keep courageously falling in love with the version of God that only your fingerprints carry.  Be curious about your existence and what you can do with it... in the way that no one else can, or ever could. You see, even in a place like Spiritual Disneyland, there can be pressure to conform, to blend in, and to camouflage your inner brilliance with "community approved mumbo jumbo."  Shine anyway. Be kind...but shine. DO. YOU. Do you, joyfully:) Notice when you're giving in to the pinch of social conditioning. When that happens you start to feel tight in your belly, your heart or your chest. That pressure is the opposite of swinging in a hammock freely. That pressure is a sign that you're afraid to stand out and be yourself. Take a chance. DO YOU. After all, isn't that what every soul came to earth to do?