You said this....but probably forgot it





They will sting for sure.

But names will never hurt you.

It’s easy to forget this in a society full of scrolls, trolls, and thumbs down. 

You see, armchair opinions can get confused with real-life decisions.  

But never let that stop you.

Trust the voice in your heart more than noise from the grumpy grown-up playground outside.

It's filled with adults that are disconnected from imagination, creativity, and dreams.

Keep twirling.

Keep swirling.

Leap. Jump. Fall. 

Take a chance. 

Take a risk. 

Take a step.

And keep stepping.

It takes courage to get grass stains on your knees and dirt in your hair. 

And that will always be more rewarding than spectating from the sidelines.

They may laugh at you and that's okay.

Because if they do...

Just reply, "I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say

bounces off of me and sticks on you!"

Kiddy wisdom is the wisest of all:)