Your Amazon Order

Today, I opened an Amazon purchase.

It was made nine years ago.  Right there on the inside were the numbers 2009.

"Wow, almost a decade, " I thought to myself.

But, I didn't see it as being expired.  

In fact, the 2009 date reaffirmed my rebellious feelings about change.   Let me explain.

Nostalgia can trigger sadness in people. They feel haunted by what no longer is, or what never came to be.

Dates can have those effects on human beings.

But, why feel terrorized by time?

I've risked isolation over and over again, as a result of not conforming to what it means to stand still and be a "grown up."

The faint whisper inside that most people ignore (or doubt) kept saying "go that way Elle," and I've kept going.

So what about the package?

Well, it came with a picture of me from 2009 on it.

The package is what sent me to the computer to write this blog.

I remember 2009 Elle. I remember everything that was important to her at that time. But, I don't envy that younger version of me.

My past isn't more precious than my present... and neither should yours be.

Because the truth is, if you don't explore this moment, 10 years from now you'll look back at this version of you, wishing you had been more curious about this Now.

Trust me,  there really is treasure and magic out there!

And life will give you what you're brave enough to order:)