with Bold Mama Elle

The SOVEREIGN SUPERSTARS Membership is masterfully

created for people who are ready to make bolder choices,

have more adventure and live life with more ease.

Step into your Sovereignty and JOIN TODAY!

Your Membership Experience:

This membership going to help you say something, do something, and experience things you never thought you could! All classes are live and will be available for replay.


Until you can face what you fear on the inside, you can never fully express who you were born to be on the outside.

Each week you will have upfront and personal access and connection to Bold Mama Elle. She is a fearless leader. Her "resume" includes: defying death twice, crushing chronic depression, dominating alcoholism, obesity, and homelessness...just to name a few. She’s a world traveler who has faced lions in South Africa and skydived at 15,000 feet. She scaled the Himalayan Mountains by motorcycle, having learned to ride just three weeks before the journey.


These captivating classes are rooted in her profound and proven philosophy that “NOW can be the Now.”


As she continues to anchor the energetics of superhuman qualities onto the earth plane, she leads the way with this Cosmic Plan for Living. This membership is YOUR opportunity to participate in this step by step activated experience.  

Weekly Course Topics Include:

How to be fiercely optimistic while facing challenges

Understanding why an open heart is your best ammunition 

Developing a blueprint for radical self-love

The interior design of sovereign determination 

The emotional & energetic posture of Boldness

Creating and expressing a beautiful psyche 

Bringing more *bling* to your professional vision 

How to walk through life with a strong, grounded sense of purpose 

Live Classes are on Wednesdays 11:00 am-12:00 pm PST


 Meet Bold Mama Elle

Bold Mama Elle is a dynamic Spiritual Teacher and Artist with over 50 TV appearances. Her work is rooted in her “NOW Could be the Now” philosophy. She has also been featured in several publications such as Women's Health Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.  As a believer in possibility against all odds she has spoken to thousands on air, on stage, in print and in one-on-one sessions on the subject of boldness and fear. 


Before working with BOLD MAMA ELLE I was looking for some extra guidance and help with clarity on how to move forward in my life and now I am moving in the right direction. The way I would describe our work together would be that it is very immersive and comprehensive, no stone goes left unturned. You can sense that big shifts are happening on a deeper level and so sometimes it is hard to put into words just how much I have evolved. I feel as if I have morphed into a new version of me.

—  Alice Bowmaker