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“Bold mama elle's musical event was a very heartfelt and freeing experience. It awakened my deepest desires to be confident, courageous and to live in my truth.” -F. White


BOLD MAMA Elle gives me hope. She shown me how to be free of Dissociative Identity disorder. Her guidance has given me more results than everything I experienced from counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and the entire medical industry. I now know that the label “incurable condition” is not true when you have a super guide who is a master and has transcended all limitations.” -J. Ford

“Something about her voice and passionate performance feels like it tunes up my soul. I never want the songs to end!” -P. Howard


“BOLD MAMA Elle‘s BEAM performance was truly brilliant and alchemistic! Her singing connects you to the greatness of who you are. During her performance I felt elated and inspired to express my uniqueness.  She shares her powerful work through mesmerizing lyrics and beats. Her a-cappella ‘GREATNESS’ brought tears to my eyes and her ‘POWER’ song had me on my feet dancing and singing. BOLD mama Elle's music transports me into my heart. Listening to her music has added a whole new depth to my being ...it's like a new realm has been opened up inside of me ....a place I feel truly content to be with me.  Her music is so empowering, activating and encoded with heart magic.  Her shows are so empowering. They inspire you to shine like a star.

Yes, it's that powerful!” -R. Elaine

Having the opportunity to work with BOLD MAMA Elle has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Out of all the many coaches, teachers, healers, and psychics I have gone to, Elle stands far apart from the rest. She is willing to share the truth with you, no matter how ugly it might be.  For me, hearing the truth has created so much change in my life. It is astonishing to look back only 1 year and see how far I’ve come. BOLD MAMA Elle provided the tools and information I needed to overcome an eating disorder I had struggled with for over 10 years. My entire outlook on life, humanity, my Self, and my body has drastically changed for the better. Whether I was working with Elle in a 1 on 1 session, in a group, or in one of her powerful yoga classes, I continued to walk away having grasped another piece of myself that I didn’t know was there. I use tools that BOLD MAMA Elle gave me in my everyday life and it is such a blessing to know that she is always rooting for my greatness.

-Anna M.

“Elle’s musical event was a very heartfelt and freeing experience. It awakened my deepest desires to be confident, courageous and to live in my truth.” -F. White

“Elle’s musical event was a very heartfelt and freeing experience. It awakened my deepest desires to be confident, courageous and to live in my truth.” -F. White


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"If you're willing to explore untapped potential take a class with BOLD MAMA Elle. The energy emanating in the room expels thoughts of fear and defeat. I arrive and leave feeling profoundly certain that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible!!! -B. Garcia

"BOLD MOVES empowered me to face my fears of success and my creativity.  I became intimate with my fears of being my authentic self. I faced my fears of loneliness and abandonment and my codependent relationships with family. I am grateful that the BOLD MOVES Program gave me the opportunity to face myself and the parts of my life that have kept me from walking in my truth." -J. Henry

"BOLD MOVES helped me with fear of failure. For me, it was always the fear of how I would be viewed. Doing the "limitless exercise" in public with two strangers, and getting 2 opposite reactions at the same time, just showed me that you can’t control how people view or accept you so why worry about it. BOLD MAMA Elle's teaching style is awesome! I like the accountability of it.

-David C.

"I decided to do BOLD MOVES because I felt like I’ve spent most my life hiding and protecting secrets. I knew the program would challenge me to come out of hiding and embrace my power. This I knew would affect all aspects of my life. I'd describe BOLD MAMA Elle's coaching and teaching style as phenomenal and life-changing. She ignites the power within me. She calls forth my warrior-ness.  As soon as I met BOLD MAMA Elle I felt the warrior in me rise to meet her invitation to "play full out and let go completely." Elle creates and holds safe sacred space. She inspires me to awaken from the depths of my soul to feel my authentic raw power.  She is loving and supports me 1000% as she challenges me to move outside of my comfort zone. Her style of coaching is dynamic, invigorating, and practical. Her homework exercises have created clarity and awareness and an opportunity for me to witness and feel when I’m tempted to choose fear over freedom. In other words, when I’m not in my integrity and when I’m operating from my head instead of my heart. Her BOLD MOVES program has been transformational on such an intimate and personal level.  I feel excited and vibrant and alive for the first time in my adult life. She has challenged me in the exact way I’ve been needing to be challenged and because it’s so fine-tuned to who I am, I finally feel seen. Every cell in my body has increased its vibration. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for BOLD MAMA Elle." -R. Laudisio

"BOLD MOVES helped me with stepping out of my comfort zone , trying new things, and actually being "seen." My fear I faced was being vulnerable during a money exercise with stranger. It was empowering to me because I know deep down inside that experience changed both of our lives that day.... I asked God before I did that to help me go to the right person, and I KNOW the man I approached was the correct person for me. That experience will remain in my heart for as long as I live. It impacted me that much! BOLD MAMA Elle's style is REAL, tough, encouraging and loving. -Margaret C.

“Working with BOLD MAMA Elle, after 20 years I no longer have Bulimia. I eat freely and feel good about it!”-Jayden F.

"Her brilliant music suspended any expectation of where or why or how and instead flowed her into a deep ritual for positive uplifting affirmations of life. Bold Mama Elle beams her warmth and nurturing spirit into every word and note. I loved being there! This is the kind of theater that speaks to the soul. It is less about entertaining you and much more about entering you, meeting you wherever you are, with a gift for your heart. "

Thank YOU Bold Mama Elle."